(250 ml)

  • Meelap is a water conditioner & pH corrector.
  • To be used in water for spraying outside of optimum pH range.
  • It has a pH indicator, the colour of the solution changes when the optimum pH is reached.
  • The pH of the water used for spraying has a major impact on the results of insecticides and fungicides on crops.
  • Because more than 95% part of the solution prepared for spraying is water & less than 5% part of the solution is medicine.
  • For best results of spraying on crops, the pH of the water should be between 4 to 6.
  • If the pH of the sprinkler water is above 7 then due to hydrolysis, the active ingredients of the sprayed insecticides are inactive, due to which the crops do not get good results.
  • That’s why the use of Meelap in the spraying water helps to suitable the pH of the water for spraying, it gives good results of the medicines sprayed on the crops.

Depending upon water hardness classification

Type of Water

Water hardness (PPM)

Meelap dose per litre of water

Soft Water

Less than 60

0.3 ml

Moderately Hard water

61 to 120

0.4 ml

Hard Water

121 to 180

0.6 ml

Very Hard Water

More than 181

1.0 ml

At the time of preparing the solution of spraying, Mix Meelap before mixing other medicines.